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The Truth Is Right In Front Of Your Eyes

If you ever watched a magician do a “slight of hand” magic trick right in front of your eyes. You’ll initially be amazed by the trick. But, if someone was to tell you the secret of how the magic trick was done, you will be conscious of what to look for the next time you see the trick done and you’ll be able to spot the “moves” every time.

So, in essence the truth of how the magic trick is done was always there right in front of your eyes, you just wasn’t conscious of what to look for until someone told you.

Try it out with this revealing magic trick:

Pretty interesting isn’t it?

I am showing you this because as we move forward in waking you up, you will see things that were right in front of your eyes all this time. But, you either don’t know what it all meant or what is it doing to you.

Like magic tricks, there are different components to the trick. So, we will take it slow and try to dissect the different components of what I am about to reveal to you. We’ll do this so that you may build understanding of why things are being done. I don’t just want to feed you more than you can chew. If I do, it will probably overwhelm you which often leads to denial. This will also help you to connect the dots and see the grander scheme of things.

Come back and we’ll open up your eyes a bit more…

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