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Lost Symbols: Not Really Lost

The Truth May Scare You: Part 3

As we have shown you in the previous videos, there are many symbols that have been exposed to you. But what do they mean?

I met a mobile mechanic that had the “eye of Horus” symbol on his company t-shirt. I asked him if he knew what that symbol meant or symbolized. He had no clue. He just thought it looked cool.

Being that some symbols are seemingly ancient, most people do not think twice of what the symbols mean even though they are all over the place. The All Seeing Eye, crosses, pyramids, numbers, etc., are usually seen as just decorative figments on buildings, movies, television shows, print media, album and movie covers, etc. But there is a meaning behind them. Very deep meanings, sometimes cynical meanings.

When you begin to understand what certain symbols mean, you can begin to make connections of who or what is connected and why they are connected. You will begin to realize how it all relates to mind control and mass manipulation by ways of propaganda and other techniques to skew people’s reality and perceptions.

In part 3 of The Truth May Scare You series, an introduction to symbolism and a brief meaning behind sun symbolism, the all seeing eye, and astrology.

These “lost symbols”, aren’t really lost at all. The people are lost, and it was intended to be that way. Are you lost?

Your ticket to wake up.

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