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I need you to wake up…

I need you to wake up from the spell and hypnotism that has been placed on you. I’ll “snap” my fingers how ever much times I need to until you awake from it!

You may not know what I’m talking about because you have been blinded all of your life and it’s difficult to see what’s being done unto you when you’re the victim.

It will not be easy to awake from the hypnosis. On this website we will slowly bring you back to reality, counting down ever so slightly, to little by little reveal the whole picture and wake you up. Dot by dot, we will help you to connect them so that you can see the bigger picture.

It is not easy waking someone up from a deep trance. Because even a bright light can blind a person that has been in the dark for a long period.

It is time you come out from the dark and re-illuminate your mind…

This is your ticket to your own “magical” and powerful life…

But I need you to wake up first!