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The Truth May Scare You

Lost Symbols: Not Really Lost

The Truth May Scare You: Part 3

As we have shown you in the previous videos, there are many symbols that have been exposed to you. But what do they mean?

I met a mobile mechanic that had the “eye of Horus” symbol on his company t-shirt. I asked him if he knew what that symbol meant or symbolized. He had no clue. He just thought it looked cool.

Being that some symbols are seemingly ancient, most people do not think twice of what the symbols mean even though they are all over the place. The All Seeing Eye, crosses, pyramids, numbers, etc., are usually seen as just decorative figments on buildings, movies, television shows, print media, album and movie covers, etc. But there is a meaning behind them. Very deep meanings, sometimes cynical meanings.

When you begin to (more…)

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The Big Idea: The New World Order

The Truth May Scare You: Part 2

*If you haven’t watched Part 1 yet, I suggest you do before continuing.

The New World Order, the BIG idea as it was briefly mentioned in part one, we will continue on elaborating on this. It has been spoken and mentioned many times by “leaders”, “political figures”, the media, etc. But majority of people don’t think much of it, because they do not understand what is being entailed or what is going on.

The truth is literally right in front of your eyes, being spoken to you, and being told what is happening and/or going to happen. It almost seems as if it’s mockery. After continuing on watching you’ll probably have no doubt it is!

Manipulating people (more…)

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What’s In Front Of Your Eyes May Scare You

The Truth May Scare You: Part 1

So, what is in front of your eyes?

In plain sight, symbolism, manipulation, and mind control tactics have been implemented to do just that. The proof is right in front of your eyes, you just didn’t know what these things mean or aren’t conscious of the tactics. Until now…

Viewer discretion is advised.

You may not get it initially. But in time you will understand. Come back here often to open up your eyes even more.

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